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Welcome to THE BIRTH TRAINER                     A Partner-Coached Approach to Childbirth

The Birth Trainer is the premiere place in Orange County to learn about baby, birth, and beyond!

 We are here to help you and your partner achieve a low-risk, healthy pregnancy and prepare for the amazing birth of your child.
 The Birth Trainer uses The Bradley Method™ to educate your family about natural childbirth and draws from a variety of relaxation and pain management techniques so that you can have a gentle, joyful birth.  A key aspect of this type of preparation is to develop teamwork between you and your partner.  As Dr. Bradley always said, "A trained husband [partner] can do more for the comfort and relaxation for his wife[partner], than any amount of medication."  Classes put an emphasis on communicating with your partner and further growing your relationship as you become a family of three (or more!)


In addition to preparing for the birth itself, The Birth Trainer also educates you and your partner about breastfeeding, the post-partum period, newborn care, and attachment parenting, so that you will feel confident embarking on the parenting journey. 


The Birth Trainer offers 10-week group classes for those that can commit to a specific day/time and want to meet and learn with other expectant couples. Classes generally last 2 hours.

The next group class begins on SUNDAY, JANUARY 24, 2016, AT 4:00PM.  We will meet each Sunday for 10 weeks, through March 27th.





If you prefer flexibility and privacy with your classes, or you are due before the end of the next group class, private sessions are also available.


See "Course Content" above for more information.

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